Continuous Rubber



  • Continuous Rubber
  • Hammer Top / Farmstud
  • Non Absorbent
  • Range of widths and lengths
  • Non Slip
  • Nylon inlay for extra strength


The Reason given by farmers for purchasing continuous rubber are:

  • No gaps
  • Better hygiene because the rubber minimizes the seepage of milk, urine and faeces under the mat
  • More secure installation as apposed to individual mats which can slip out of cubicles if incorrectly installed
  • Reduced knee and hock damage
  • Less lameness
  • Less stress
  • Easier to clean and maintain

Why Continuous Rubber?

Durapak Continuous Rubber is manufactured from high quality rubber raw materials for a wide range of uses including those in agriculture (cubicle holding areas, central passageways, milk parlours etc.) also industrial, central passageways, milk parlours etc.) also industrial, sport/recreation and household uses.

Durapak Continuous Rubber which can be made in widths of up to 3 metres wide by 70 metres long is a soft, warm and strong premium rubber product.

For animals it will reduce knee and hock damage as well as stress levels on the animal while they are standing, walking or lying down.

As well as for use in cubicles, Durapak Continuous Rubber is idea for rough or slippery surfaces in central passageways, holding areas or in milking parlours as it allows animals to stand or walk confidently and comfortably.


While Durapak Continuous Rubber can be supplied in widths from 3 meters wide up to 70 meters long, the most common sizes are as follows:

  • 180cm wide x 20mm thickness x 48m long
  • 180cm wide x 17mm thickness x 28m long
  • 100 wide x 15mm thickness x 30m long

Available with or without nylon inlay. Inlay reduces expansion where there is heavy traffic and animals and adds to the tear resistance.