Baler Twine

Main Features

  • Knotless
  • It is resistant to vermin attack
  • It is unaffected by mildew

Main Benefits

  • Trouble free baling
  • Runs smoothly
  • Excellent for knotting in small and big square balers

Elephant Baler Twine From Durapak

Durapak Baler Twines come from one of Europe's largest manufactures of polypropylene twine. Our experience combines with tomorrows technology to offer you a first class range of Baler Twine, tried and tested for all leading makes of round and square balers.

The Different Baler Twines

BalerRoundSmall SquareBig Square
Length22,3000ft 12,000ft7,680ft
Internal Core Diameter6.5kg10kg18kg