Slatted Rubber


It is widely known for years that cattle housed on slatted rubber mats have been shown to gain weight faster than animals housed on bare concrete slats.

When You're Considering Slatted Rubber, Think Beyond the Surface:

  1. Return on Investment: Your farm's profitability is paramount. Delve into the long-term benefits and financial gains that slatted rubber can bring to your operation.
  2. Trust in Trials: Independent trials are the bedrock of informed decisions. Seek evidence that stands the test of scrutiny, offering concrete proof of the advantages slatted rubber can provide.
  3. Exceptional After-Sale Service: Your journey doesn't end with a purchase. Explore the value of reliable after-sale support to ensure that your investment continues to yield rewards.

Discover the Durapak Difference: Tested, Proven, Unparalleled:

Durapak's journey has been defined by innovation, dedication, and a commitment to elevating farming practices. Our unique three-piece slatted rubber mats have undergone rigorous testing and validation through the Teagasc Beef Studies, a hallmark of trust and credibility in the industry.

The results speak for themselves: Animals housed on Durapak mats experience accelerated weight gain, translating to a substantial increase in carcass weight and the potential for elevated carcass classification. Our slatted rubber emerged as the clear victor, with a remarkable 14kg additional carcass weight compared to bare concrete slats. When coupled with higher carcass classification, this translated to a value of €45 - €55 per head of animal at that time.

Want to know more? Download our free slatted rubber pdf where you can delve deeper into the findings.

Durapak Slatted Rubber installation Co. Kildare

View this super installation of Durapak Slatted Rubber on a farm in Co. Kildare. Our new solution provides exceptional comfort and safety for beef cattle.  

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Main Features

  • Unique 3 piece slatted rubber
  • Two parallel rows of wedges
  • High content of natural rubber
  • Soft, warm and comfortable
  • Cored Wedge


Main Benefits

  • Animals gain more weight
  • Ultimate in terms of a secure installation
  • Cored Wedge for easy fitting
  • More grip, livelier animals
  • Suitable for new or used slats


Durapak Tops Teagasc Trials

Teagasc carried out an intensive trial comparing 360 Beef Bullocks using; 3 different Slatted Rubbers, out-wintering pads and bare concrete slats. The results from the Teagasc Trial on Slatted Rubber for 2006 & 2007 are summarised in the bar charts below. The Durapak mat is colour coded BLUE. Mat B & C are two well known competitor products. Durapak Slatted Rubber came out on top with 14kgs of extra carcass weight over and above bare concrete slats and together with a higher carcass classification was worth between €45 - €55 per head of animal.

The main reason that Durapak slatted Rubber out performed its competitors is because the product is softer, warmer and more comfortable than other similar products on the market. The earlier designed product had ‘square’ corners and were prone to damage by heavy animals. As a company we replaced earlier mats at a discount to farmers and at a rate that provided good returns to them.  The newer designed product with ‘Rounded’ corners is working very well and providing an even better return on investment for farmers.

If you are considering purchasing  slatted rubber you should really look at a number of items as follows:

  1. Return on Investment
  2. Is this return backed up by independent trials that you can trust?
  3. Are you going to receive a great after sale service?

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