Pallet Baletite 1380mm X 2000m X 16 Mu (20 Rolls)

Revolutionizing Silage Bale Protection: Baletite is an innovative new product made from polythene which provides an additional air barrier whilst saving time and saving labour costs at the recycling stage.

Baletite represents a groundbreaking shift in silage bale wrapping, replacing traditional netwrap with an innovative pre-orientated film. Crafted to get the most from the ensiling process and safeguard bale contents, Baletite offers unparalleled benefits:

  • Enhanced Air Barrier: Baletite adds an extra layer of protection, bolstering the ensiling process while maintaining optimal bale integrity.
  • Improved Bale Shape: With its tight grip around the bale circumference, Baletite ensures a better bale shape, minimizing wastage and maximizing efficiency.
  • Streamlined Usage: Produced from the same base material as balewrap, Baletite eliminates the need for separate handling after use, simplifying your silage wrapping process.
  • Exceptional Durability: Engineered using blown film co-extrusion lines, Baletite boasts outstanding puncture resistance, even with tough, stemmy forage crops.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Baletite's edge-to-edge coverage provides comprehensive protection, particularly beneficial for baling stalky crops.

Experience the difference with Baletite as it tightly compresses bale content, expediting oxygen expulsion and yielding tighter, more compact bales with a rounded shape. 

- Thickness 16µm 
- Length: 2000m
- Width: 1380mm
- Application: Grass silage-standard conditions

€ 3,560.00 3560.0 EUR € 3,560.00 VAT Excluded

€ 3,560.00 VAT Excluded

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