Netwrap 3600M

Features of Durapak Netwrap:

  • Uniformity and Precision: The length of each roll, core width, and quality of Durapak Netwrap are meticulously maintained, ensuring exactness with every use.
  • UV Protection: Built-in UV protection safeguards against environmental degradation, ensuring durability and longevity in varying weather conditions.
  • Universal Compatibility: Versatility is key, and Durapak Netwrap seamlessly integrates with all types of baling machines, offering universal application.
  • Edge-to-Edge Coverage: Extending right to the edge of the bale, our Netwrap simplifies wrapping, transportation, and minimizes the risk of damage, particularly beneficial for silage bales.

Unlock a multitude of benefits with Durapak Netwrap:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Facilitating high-speed baling of silage and straw, Durapak Netwrap optimizes output, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Time and Labor Savings: Significantly faster than traditional twine, our netwrap reduces labor and fuel consumption, boosting overall productivity.
  • Versatility: Designed to accommodate all leading makes of round balers, Durapak Netwrap offers unmatched flexibility in your baling operations.
  • Uniform Bale Protection: Producing uniformly edged bales, our Netwrap provides comprehensive protection, ensuring the integrity of your baled materials.
  • Water Runoff Management: With Durapak Netwrap, water runoff from hay and straw bales is effectively managed, preserving the quality of your baled fodder.

For over two decades, Durapak Netwrap has been the trusted choice of contractors and farmers, renowned for its unwavering quality and reliability. Engineered to meet the demands of high-speed baling processes for silage, hay, and straw, Durapak Netwrap is your partner in achieving superior baling results.

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Product ​Specifications: 

  • Width: 123cm
  • Length: 3,600m
  • Approx. Weight: 11g/m
  • Internal Core Diameter: 76mm
  • Tensile Strength (kg/50cm): 300
  • Net Weight (kg/roll): 39.50
  • Rolls Per Pallet: 28
  • Tube Length (cm)(+/-5%): 125cm
  • Packaging Sleeve Colour: Red
  • Antistatic Additive: Yes
  • UV Stabliser: Yes
  • Red End Warning: Yes

Pricing & Shipping

Rolls are priced at €183 + VAT plus delivery charge (€60 Republic of Ireland, €80 Northern Ireland).  There is free shipping on orders of more than one pallet.

€ 180.00 180.0 EUR € 180.00 VAT Excluded

€ 180.00 VAT Excluded

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