Creva International at World Dairy Expo 2023

World Dairy Expo 2023: A Showcase of Leading Agricultural Innovations

The World Dairy Expo 2023 in Madison, Wisconsin was an exciting convergence of the agricultural industry's brightest minds, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative solutions. Creva International, had the privilege of participating in this prestigious event alongside our partners Agri-Plastics, Huber Technik, and Agri-Comfort, who showcased their latest innovations and contributions to the dairy farming sector. 

Agri-Plastics: Elevating Comfort and Efficiency at the World Dairy Expo 2023. Agri-Plastics presented a number of new innovations including the Open Air Flex Pen. This exciting new product boasts full-dip galvanized metal front and rear gates, ensuring durability and longevity. Farmers were intrigued by the versatility of the Open Air Flex Pen, available in 36 or 48-inch widths, offering the flexibility needed to accommodate various farm requirements. 

Another standout from Agri-Plastics was the Universal Grain Feeder. This adaptable solution can be hung in various locations and holds over 30 pounds of grain. Farmers were particularly impressed with the adjustable sliding plate, which allows precise control over the amount of feed dispensed. The Universal Grain Feeder adds a new level of convenience to farm feeding routines, ensuring that cattle receive the right amount of nutrition.

Additionally, Agri-Plastics showcased their DryZone Slatted Floors, further emphasizing their commitment to creating innovative and animal-friendly flooring solutions. These floors are designed to enhance the cleanliness and well-being of livestock, offering a practical and sustainable solution for dairy farms.  Check out this short video with Agri-Plastics founder Darren VanBuuren explaining the features of the new Agri-Plastics DryZone Slatted Floors:

Huber Technik: Unveiling Seamless Animal-Friendly Flooring Huber Technik's presence at the Expo was a testament to their decades-long expertise in creating animal-friendly flooring solutions. Their comfort rolls and top covers, crafted from high-quality rubber materials, were a highlight of the event. The durable and efficient nature of their products, along with their 10-year warranty, resonated deeply with farmers who seek top-notch solutions that stand the test of time.

Agri-Comfort: Pioneering Farm Comfort Solutions Agri-Comfort, as a provider of livestock comfort solutions, displayed a remarkable range of products designed to elevate the well-being of livestock and enhance farming operations. The Expo was the ideal platform to showcase Agri-Comfort's rubber flooring and mats along with cow brushes which were met with enthusiasm from farmers and industry experts who appreciate the importance of a comfortable and stress-free environment for their dairy cows and beef cattle.

Our presence at the World Dairy Expo 2023 was a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow industry enthusiasts, farmers, and professionals, and to witness the latest innovations that continue to reshape the world of dairy farming.  We are excited about the endless possibilities and new horizons and look forward to incorporating the latest innovations such as Agri-Plastics' Open Air Flex Pen and the DryZone Slatted Flooring into our offerings.

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