Exploring Livestock Comfort: A Conversation with Martin Folkema of Agri Comfort USA

At Creva International, we're committed to bringing you the latest insights and innovations in livestock comfort and welfare. Recently, our founder Noel Kelly had the opportunity to sit down with Martin Folkema of Agri Comfort USA at the World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin for an enlightening conversation. 

Martin Folkema brings with him a rich history in livestock comfort, having been at the helm of Superior Mat and Comfort Inc., a family-owned company since 1999. Specialising in customised quality rubber solutions for dairy producers across the United States, Canada, and Europe, Superior Mat and Comfort Inc. joined forces with Agri-Plastics Group of Companies in 2020.  Superior Mat and Comfort Inc. is now part of Agri-Comfort, a division of Agri-Plastics with Martin as new Product Manager for the North American Market.

During the interview, Martin shared insights into several key products and concepts, including:

  • Agri-Diamond Rolled Rubber: A high-quality rubber flooring solution, Agri-Diamond is specifically engineered for cow comfort and traction needs from alleyways, breezeways, walkways, parlors or holding areas – whether its flush, skid steer or automated cleaning.
  • Cow Mattress Systems: Specifically, the Huber Technik 4GS, which offers superior support and comfort for dairy cows.  Martin also shared his views on water beds and whether they can provide comfort and support to dairy cows.
  • Agri-Grid Sand Saver: An innovative solution for managing sand bedding in dairy operations, optimising cow comfort and reducing bedding costs.  Agri-Grid Sand Saver is manufactured with new virgin tire rubber compound and is designed as a grid-like structure. The Agri-Grid Sand Saver is an excellent alternative to conventional open stall bases. The rubber tiles absorb pressure from the weight of the animal, alleviating stress on joints and muscles. The placement of the tiles assists in preventing the formation of deep ruts from constant digging, and the spacing allows for sand to sit in-between the tiles for a porous solution and product stability.

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