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Durapak Agri Ltd is a privately owned Irish wholesale and marketing company based in Cork. Durapak Agri Ltd which was set up in 1991 is a recognised authority on forage conservation particularly in the area of Big Bale Silage. Durapak initially operated mainly in Ireland supplying well known brands like Durapak Hi-Tac® and Megawrap® stretch film in the Bale Silage market.

In more recent years, Durapak have come out on top in the Teagasc Beef Studies which were conducted in Grange in Co Meath. The Durapak 3 piece Slatted Rubber produced animals with an increase in carcass weight at 14 kilos over and above bare concrete slats which is worth about €50/£45. In addition the Durapak mat produced animals with a higher carcass classification worth possibly €5 - €10 per head of animal. Other products supplied to the trade include Baler Netwrap, Duranets, Silage covers & bags, Tape & Patches, Baler Twines, Biocell Lac, Cubicle Mats, Magnapak Protected Fat, Calf Slats & Silclear silicone tubing.


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